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Laboratory Services


Our mission is to facilitate sales of gems by analysing them and expressing our professional opinion as to their identity, their authenticity and – wherever possible – their origin. By identifying and disclosing the gemmological specifics of a stone, both seller and buyer can make a more educated decision.  We do this for professional gemstone traders as well as for the end consumer.
Principally, our analysis of gemstones involves collecting data on the microscopic, spectroscopic and chemical properties of a stone. These three pillars are founded on the decades of experience brought by our gemmologists, and the knowledge gained from the Gubelin Reference Stone Collection.

Laboratory Services

Based on this data, we draw conclusions as to the identity, authenticity and, where possible, origin of a stone. We are obliged to consider the information divulged by the stone itself, to the exclusion of all other data.


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Purpose, scope & approach of our work

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