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As a gemmological laboratory we engage in analysing and interpreting the scientific characteristics of gemstones. We disclose this information to our clients and the trade in our Gemmological Reports. Further to this, the insights gleaned from our research are disseminated by means of publications as well as presentations published in scientific journals for an academic audience, and in magazines and news journals for the gemstone trade professional, the retailer and the broader public.
Generally speaking, Gübelin Gemmologcial Reports do not comment on the quality of a gem. Our reports aim essentially at disclosing the identity and authenticity of a stone, determining its geographic origin (whenever possible) and – if applicable – arriving at an opinion on the presence or absence of any treatments.

The reputable Gübelin Gem Lab GEMMOLOGICAL REPORT went through a substantial redesign. Aside from major aesthetic and security improvements, the report now includes simplified wording to make it more understandable to both trade and lay persons.


To complement the sober and scientific information covered by the Gübelin Gem lab GEMMOLOGICAL REPORT, we now offer the GEMMOLOGICAL PROFILE. A more comprehensive document, providing background information on the type of gemstone, its history and identity, its authenticity and origin as well as individual images of the gem's inclusions. It also contains analytical details and an insight into the microscopic, chemical and/or spectroscopic data the experts at the Gübelin Gem Lab have gathered on that specific stone. A truly innovative product, the GEMMOLOGICAL PROFILE mainly caters to the end consumer.